Training on Project Cycle Management:

“Project Cycle Management (PCM) is a critical method used by many development organizations and agencies to efficiently plan, execute, and oversee projects and programs. This comprehensive five-day training program equips participants with the knowledge and tools needed for successful project management. By taking this course, attendees will become proficient in handling the complexities of PCM, collaborating with stakeholders, and making informed decisions to address challenges, all while tailoring their strategies to meet the unique needs of project beneficiaries.

Key Objectives:

  • Explore the Project Cycle: Understand its stages and key activities.
  • Master Project Management Principles: Embrace the logical framework approach.
  • Understand the Importance of Terms of Reference, Practical Application of the Logical Framework (Log Frame), and the Role of Indicators in Project Management.
  • Acquire Knowledge about Monitoring and Evaluation Tools and Effective Knowledge Management Practices.

Key Training Content:

During the training, you will cover the following major components:


  • Understanding Project Cycle Management
  • Grasping the Logic Framework Approach (LFA)
  • Project Planning, Organization, and Implementation
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E): Concepts, Methods, Tools, and Practical Exercises
  • Project M&E Planning
  • Practical Exercise on Project M&E Planning/Framework
  • Reporting and Effective Knowledge Management
  • Illuminating Case Studies


Join us for this transformative training experience and enhance your abilities to efficiently manage projects with

the Project Cycle Management framework.”

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