Hamro Sarokar:

Hamro Sarokar is regular interaction and discussiom forum are conducted by CTRaDe in major pertinent issues concerned with local-level planning, governance, mental health, child protection issues, adolescents, private sector development and other developed pertinent social, corporate, private sector and academic issues.

Hamro Manko Sarathi Mental Health Service Program

“Hamro Manko Sarathi” is a mental health program that was started by Coalition for Training Research and  Development (CTRaDe) .The term “Hamro Manko Sarathi” translates to “Our Friend of the Mind” in Nepali.

Hamro Manko Sarathi Mental Health and Psychosocial Service Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to provide mental health support and psychosocial services to individuals in need in Nepal. The program is focused on improving the mental health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities in Nepal, by providing accessible and affordable mental health and psychosocial support services

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