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Are you an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in social sciences? Are you eager to enhance    your written communication skills, delve into the world of proposal and report writing, and boost your employability prospects in the job market? If so, then this Special Course for Undergraduate Students is tailored just for you.


This training program has been meticulously designed to equip participants like you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in the academic and professional realms of social sciences. Whether you’re majoring in BBS, BBM, BSW, or BA, this course is your gateway to unlocking your full potential.

Our course content is structured for comprehensive learning:

Proposal Writing (7 Hours): Cover the essential steps and techniques for crafting persuasive project proposals, sponsorship/event proposals, and research/project proposals.


Report Writing (7 Hours): Explore the types of reports, the key components of effective report writing, and the importance of this skill. Discover the various report formats used by different organizations.


Employability Skill Development (4 Hours): Develop a strong foundation in employability skills, including goal setting, assessment, future planning, and job search strategies. Learn to create a compelling CV/resume, write an impactful application letter, and prepare for interviews with valuable tips and tricks.

Our training methodology includes dynamic elements such as brainstorming, group discussions, demonstrations, and role-play activities.

The course duration spans seven days, with approximately three hours of engaging learning each day. By the end of this program, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel in your academic pursuits and prepare for a successful transition into the job market.

Join us on this educational journey and unlock your full potential as an undergraduate student in the field of social sciences.

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