1. Consultancy Services

CTRaDe offers consultancy research and study services mainly situation analysis, market surveys/analysis, baseline/end line survey and impact assessment/ longitudinal studies, social and academic research including monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning.

CTRaDe has a dedicated Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Unit within the organization. It comprises well-resourced and vibrant in-house team that has deep understanding of the development processes, institutions and priorities in Nepal. The team members are proficient in developing M&E systems and indicators, designing qualitative and quantitative tools for data collection, carrying out surveys, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative survey data using various data analysis tools.
Our works involving undertaking of rigorous evaluations and baseline, midline and end-line surveys support our clients in developing a strong information base against which to monitor and assess progress, relevance, efficiency, value for money and effectiveness of interventions using outcome and impact indicators.

     Among various services offered by CTRaDe training and capacity building stands as major componentUnder this services company offers Curriculum design including implementation of training on mentioned thematic areas including other pertinent development, academic and corporate and private sector).

Training and Event management is a regular program executed by CTRaDe. The company has the capacity to implement both outdoor and indoor training on thematic areas and contemporary issues.  The company has been organizing different kinds of training, workshop, a symposium for development actors, corporate and private sector development, academics.

The company executes short term courses especially for development actors, personnel of the private sector, and professional development courses for all types of people including students.

In-House Training /workshop

CTRaDe has been conducting various programs such as training course, offering consultancy assignment since its establishment in CTRaDe training center physically and virtually. Currently we are offering various courses and trainings targeting early career development professionals

On Request Training Workshop Facilitation

On request, special training courses for development, humanitarian organizations academic institutions and private sector companies groups can be organized/conducted for groups at least 15 participants at CTRaDe premises ,premises of clients or venue selected by CTRaDe A team of highly qualitative, experienced and professional Trainers and Subject Specialists conduct training sessions. On certain occasions, resource persons from outside organizations are engaged for part or all of a selected training programme. Field Visit and exposure are also arranged based on the course curriculum

CTRaDe is offering the following training program for the year 2021-2022.  The training content, duration, methodology and cost can be customized according to the request of the clients.

Likewise we also conduct training for corporate and private sector .Following are the trainings course we offers to private sector and also these course we organize from company as well .Besides, we offer any demand -based programs/training needed for the government, organizations and companies as well.

Policy Research are undertaken by CTRaDe in major pertinent issues concerned with local-level planning, governance, child protection issues, adolescents, private sector development and other developed pertinent social, corporate, private sector and academic issues.

CTRaDe in its own promotes and do small scale research for market development, develop business strategy and work for promotion of Agri and non-Agri business for promotion of local entrepreneurial activities further also support for business establishment to create self-employment opportunities for general public and have a plan to startup of CTRaDe trademarked business in both areas of Agri and non-Agri sector in future.

   Education, and Communication is another major service area being executed out by the company. The company produces intellectual resource materials, journal, newsletter, case and success stories, research, surveys, evaluation and project completion reports to support its own consultancy assignment and projects further disseminate produced resource materials for commercial purposes.