1.         Background

The orientation workshop psychosocial and stress management for organizational staff for Prakriti Resource Center (PRC) was designed and delivered by Coalition for Training Research and Development Pvt. Ltd. (CTRaDe).The workshop was held from 28 June -2nd July 2021. The package included session on psychosocial and stress management. Further, the package was especially focused to facilitate, motivate and capacitating junior to senior staff for extending support managing stress. The component of the workshop lasted for five days. During execution and after completion of each phase feedback was collected, accumulated. Along with that close consultations were carried regularly with the PRC. In between before starting workshop coordination meeting was held between PRC and CTRaDe

Overall workshop service was coordinated by Psychologists Kishor Kumar Thapa and Deepa Gurung as team facilitators from CTRaDe . Altogether 15 participants participated in the event.

CTRaDe has been contributing in the field of Mental Health and Psychosocial Care and Support (MHSPSS) during this pandemic situation through organizing sensitization as well as orientation programs and workshops by webinar and training on Psychosocial Care and Support, by which a person could understand the situation and overcome from the stress burden.  The workshop was an outcome of regularly planned activities of PRC to help staff manage stress and contribute efficiently in the designated roles..

While executing the workshop delivered package became crucial to enhance their personal and professional abilities and encourage managing their work stress and balance their individual and professional life.

2.         Objectives

•           To boost the morale of staff members in this stressful situation. 

•           To keep staff engaged and help them to cope up with the fear and insecurities of this current pandemic period.

•           To prioritize employee well-being.

•           To develop their psychological well-being and resilience to cope up with the ongoing COVID crisis.

3.         Methodology

The detailed contents of the training were developed and delivered in close consultation with the PRC team following in an interactive, way and being flexible to the need of the individual and group. Major training delivery-learning methods were adopted as mentioned below

•           Brainstorming and Presentation

•           Relaxation, meditation and exercises for Stress Management

•           Critical reflection and dialogues

4.         Training Content

•           Psychosocial; basics of psychosocial problems

•           Psychosocial counselling; elements of psychosocial counselling, need of the counselling in the current pandemic situation of the counselling

•           Use of communication skills during the reflection and dialogues

•           Stress and its management, using different tips and exercises.

•           Stress-related Disorders; Anxiety and Depression and its management.

5.         Major Output

The major learning gathered through observations and sharing done by participants are presented as follows:

•           Participants participated in all the sessions enthusiastically

•           Participants understood the theoretical concepts on the psychosocial problem, mental illness, depression, anxiety and stress including various self-care tips

•           Participants learned various relaxation techniques and they committed to applying them in daily life.

•           Experience sharing in group and participation in various exercises created a comfortable environment with effective result in the learning process

•           Sharing on various topics became helpful to develop self internalization which is an important part to develop self-awareness

•           Practicing checklist became helpful to develop self-awareness and knowledge the level of own mental status which is very new for them

•           After relaxation and guided meditation exercises they said that they felt very relaxed and most of the participants express they got relief from stress and headache too.

•           Simple short energizer techniques became very new to them and very interesting which they can teach others as well

•           Some of them shared their own problems and discussed the possible solution as well

6.         ConclusionThe workshop was well appreciated by participants. The workshops on psychosocial stress management facilitated knowledge acquisition in targeted participants. Particularly, the workshop helped participants manage work stress, learn self-care techniques. Further, they conducted a virtual workshops to enhance their skills in self-care for creating a balance between work and personal life. The participants and PRC team as a whole extended appreciation to CTRaDe and

Photos of Workshop