Coalition for Training Research and Development (CTRaDe) Pvt. Ltd professionals have competency on community mobilization, safe motherhood, MHPSS, women empowerment and rights, education, DRR/CCA, diversify livelihood, humanitarian crisis, social protection(GBV, child protection, Trafficking in person ) and , human right, democracy, governance peace building, youth exchange and mobilization, business promotion and its sustainability, organizational development, employment and enterprise development.Thus, the forum is composed with a team of competent professionals devoted to pragmatic and action research as well as innovation and development practices.

Board of Directors :                                                                                   

Bikash Thapa ,CEO

Kishor Kumar Thapa (Psychologist ) , Mental Health ,Thematic Lead

Sunita Bhukhaju ,Gender and Protection Lead

Tek Singh Bhat, M&E Lead                                                                                           

Bibash Karmacharya ,IT and Social Media Coordinator                                          

Pramila Shrestha , Business Development Officer