Coalition for Training Research and Development Pvt. Ltd.

Coalition for Training Research and Development (CTRaDe) Pvt. Ltd., a multi-sectoral company, offers the best expertise, excellence and scalable services in multi thematic areas. CTRaDe was established in 2020 as an officially registered at the Company Registrar’s Office, Government of Nepal, and Kathmandu by a group of professionals having extensive experiences, proven skills and knowledge on various contemporary issues of development. It strives to develop effective leadership of organizations and institutions as well as individuals for desired outcomes.

CTRaDe works with multi-sectoral agencies to provide technical support on capacity building of different organizations including Academic Institutions, Civil Society Organizations and Local Governments in Nepal. Further, CTRaDe supports development intervention to engage the private sector to scale up the impact. 

CTRaDe professionals have competency on community mobilization, safe motherhood, MHPSS, women empowerment and rights, education, DRR/CCA, diversify livelihood, humanitarian crisis, social protection, human right, democracy, governance peace building, youth exchange and mobilization, business promotion and its sustainability, organizational development, employment and enterprise development.


Prosperous and resilient country where people achieve societal and economic advancement


To make a lasting difference in the country by contributing as well as supporting people with relevant skills and knowledge to improve their quality of life.

Our Values

Our Approach