Coalition for Training Research and Development Pvt Ltd (CTRaDe) has started Six months training on ‘psychosocial counselling’ from 15 May 2021. The training will end in 15 Nov 2021. The training course is based on participatory learning and primarily based on skill learning. Participants will be placed in different organizations and homes to practice their learned skills. Both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills are being provided by the psychologist team led by Mr.Kishor Kumar Thapa.

The training course aims to produce competent human resources in the field of psychosocial counselling. The training will be providing knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to psychosocial counselling. In the training, the trainees will be practicing psychosocial counselling skills as prescribed by this curriculum.

The course will be conducted in four phases with field exposure. After acquiring competencies specified in this curriculum plenty of opportunities will be there  for psychosocial counselling at the community level, counseling centers, schools, hospitals, orphanages, and rehabilitation/daycare centers.23 participants from Rolpa, OkhulDhunga, Sindhuli, Morang, Gorkha,Dhanusha, Kathmandu, Jhapa, Bhaktapur and Makwanpur districts of Nepal enrolled in  the training course. The course are being conducted in day and evening shift.

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