5 Days Training Course on ‘Project Cycle Management for Development professionals ‘concluded on 21 Nov 2020. The training was started from 21 Nov 2020. The training was organized targeting mid-level professionals, managers, and development professionals working on national/ international development and humanitarian organizations. The course was focused on project designing and planning including components of monitoring and evaluation, Budget strategy, work breakdown structure, and Gantt chart

The main purpose of the training was to enable participants to provide practical tools for mastering the project design and planning process. There were total 15 participants in the training.


The training was delivered entirely through an interactive online process by experienced development professional Dr. Narayan Pd Bhatta who has extensive experiences working in the development sector in national and international level. Case stories, presentations, simulations, and group exercises were carried out to encourage analysis, identification of alternatives, and designing as contextual best options for designing a complete package of project intervention. Furthermore, the facilitator shared his work experiences relating to the topics following classroom and home assignments and asked to share individually.


Based on observation and sharing of participants, they were able to acquire the knowledge differences between input, activities, output, outcome, impact. Likewise, according to the test carried out by participants they were clear topic concept, project management steps, risk and assumption, means of verification, Gantt, work breakdown structure. 

Mr.Kamal Kandel said that after he participated in the training, his project management skill has been enhanced, and can now build a logical framework and theory of change.

Mr.Dogendra Tumsa said that the training course has been very helpful and thus acquainted him with additional skills and knowledge on different components of the project management cycle such as planning, formulation data management, analysis, and interpretation.


In the end, the participants received practical knowledge and skill required for project cycle management; concept and definition of project cycle management, project, program, and portfolio – description, Project Life Cycle, Principles/disciplines and competencies, identification and Design, the project set up and Planning. Moreover, they also understood the role of the project manager. Hence, the course objective to capacitate participants in imparting tools related to project management has to be accomplished to a great extent.

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