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1. Introduction

Coalition for Training Research and Development (CTRaDe) Pvt. Ltd, a multi-sectoral company, offers the best expertise, excellence and scalable services in multi thematic areas. CTRaDe works with multi sectoral agencies to provide technical support on capacity building of different organizations including Academic Institutions, Civil Society Organizations and Local Governments in Nepal. Further, CTRaDe supports on development intervention to engage the private sector to scale up the impact .Towards this regard, the CTRaDe has realized, in the face of the pertinent educational challenges facing the students  today that there is need to conduct short course for students in order to equip with knowledge and basic skill of proposal and report writing, employability skill development(c.v/bio date writing, cover letter and interview facing

2. Course Description and Objectives

This training programme is designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills needed for students studying social sciences especially pursuing under graduating background. The course objectives include:

  1. Course Participants

The course is intended for;

The training will cover the following main topics;

Proposal Writing                                                                                                                            (8 Hour)

Report Writing                                                                                 (8 Hour)

Employability Skill Development                                                                                                   (4 hour)

Field Visit (Optional)

Community and Organization Visit

Other Services for students (and other semi-academic courses: Academic writing and Research on the different educational issues)

The training will be delivered by competent and well experienced facilitators/ instructors in child protection from the Coalition for Training Research and Development PVT.LTD. Training methodology will include; brainstorming, group discussions, demonstration and role play. Total duration will be 8 days approximately 2.5 hours a day.

The course will be conducted on college premises. Fee for the course is NRS 3100/- per participants to cover course fee, training materials, tea and biscuits and certificate of attendance. Payments may be in cheque or cash directly deposited to Coalition for Training Research and Development Pvt.Ltd Account No: 013010020000132 fifty percent in advance by academic institution. The venue and projector will be provided by college and whereas facilitator, training handouts will be provided. Memorandum will be signed between two parties. We discourage virtual cash payment as possible. Early confirmation and registration are highly encouraged and appreciated. We also conduct trainings on other pertinent social protection issues, business development, project management in demand basis and can conduct project work for colleges

Course copy right: Coalition for Training Research and Development Pvt Ltd ,2020


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