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            Course Detail of Six Months Psychosocial Counselling Training

1. Introduction

Coalition for Training Research and Development Pvt. Ltd. aims to provide six month training course on Psychosocial Counseling. The training program is based on participatory learning and primarily based on skill learning. Participants will be placed on different organizations and homes to practice their learned skills. Both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills will be provided by the skilled psychologists and trained/professional counselors.

2. Course Description and Objectives

The objectives of this training are as follow:

  1. Provide knowledge on Psychosocial and mental health problems with theoretical explanation
  2. Develop skills with a focus on psychosocial counseling
  3. Develop skills on Assessment, Diagnosis and help to solve the problem
  4. Impart knowledge and skill on psychosocial counseling
  5. Make participants able to provide counseling in different settings and context

3. Course Participants

The course is intended for  development practitioners, NGO Professionals, Social Activist and Students completed at least Intermediate level education.

Over view of the course structure

Module 1: Theory based knowledge

Module: 1: Counseling Skill and Process

Sub module 1: Psychological and wellbeing 

Sub module 2: Introduction of counselling and approaches

Sub module 3: Types/forms counseling

Sub module 4: Basics of counseling

Sub module 5: Applying counseling skills

Sub module 6: Counseling process

Sub module 7: Alternative tools and skills

Module: 2: Psychosocial Intervention

Sub module 1: Psychosocial and mental health

Sub module 2: Multi-cultural counselling competence

Sub module 3: Growth and development

Sub module 4: Psychosocial issues

Module: 3: Case Management

Sub module 1: Counseling setting and environment

Sub module 2: Documentation

Sub module 3: Coordination in group and referrals

Module: 4: Capacity Building

Sub module 1: Facilitation skill

Sub module 2: Working in the communities

Training Phases

1st In-house TrainingUp to supportive counselling, using & practice basic communication skills
1st PlacementApplying skill and process for identifying client and core problem with symptom management
2nd In-house TrainingCulture and counselling, advance skill  and problem solving
2nd PlacementApplying skill and process for solving problem
3rd In-house TrainingSpecial issues and facilitating skills
3rd PlacementApplying Skills (Case management and Facilitating)
4th In-house TrainingMonitoring, Supervision, Professional skills, Documentation and Reporting

The training will be delivered by competent and well experienced facilitators/ instructors in corporate sector   from the Coalition for Training Research and Development PVT.LTD. Emphasis is on Practical skills, discussion & interaction with the use of templates, examples and practical tools will be supplemented with Knowledge Transfer Activities/ Exercises that each participant will develop and implement in their work. Only 16 participants will be admitted for the training to ensure quality time utilization for each participant.

The course will be conducted on zoom application. Fee for the course is 8000/-monthly per participants to cover course fee, training materials. Participants require to deposit  50% of total fee. Payments can be deposited via online/deposit or fonepay directly to Coalition for Training Research and Development Pvt. Ltd Account No 013010020000132. In case organization approaching organization will be require to deposit 50% percent of amount before event. We also conduct trainings on other pertinent social protection issues, business development, and project management in demand basis and can conduct project work for colleges and students.

This is Six months packaged course that CTRaDe delivers virtually, inhouse and outdoor in CTRaDe premises. To discuss your individual needs, email at contactctrade@gmail.com  or call us on 9841996660 or 9851011092 .Booking terms and conditions will be as above.

Course copy right: Coalition for Training and Research Development Pvt.Ltd ,2020


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